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Dynamic Simulation Services

Understand the effect of changes to your plant before you make them

Air Products has decades of experience carrying out detailed dynamic simulations, which can help you understand the effect of changes to your operating plant.
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We can help you understand complex operating transitions

For example:

  • Parallel compressor trips
  • Process control dynamics
  • Flare loading
  • Refrigerant compressor blocked discharge studies

Rigorous models include the capability of simulating single and multiphase flows to capture both the short and long time-scale dynamics of your process and give high fidelity results.

Dynamic Simulation Success Stories

  • Refrigerant compressor blocked discharge study—saved project costs by reducing design flare loading.
  • AP-C3MR™ SplitMR™ process feed booster compressor trip study— helped plant to avoid refrigerant compressor trip during the transition. This configuration is now widely accepted and practiced utilizing the full power available from two identical gas turbines.
  • AP-C3MR™ parallel refrigerant compression string trip study—results enabled the plant to avoid sympathetic trips of additional compression strings when one string trips, allowing continued production at the lower rate.
  • AP-X® process control and operability study—enabled smooth implementation of this novel process design that currently operates with high reliability in the largest LNG trains in the world (7.8 MTPA/ train).

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Air Products is the premier global LNG technology, equipment, and services provider. Our unique ability to integrate the liquefaction process design and critical liquefaction equipment leads to an optimization of performance, costs, operability and reliability that has become the benchmark of the LNG industry.
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