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Five-Point Plan: Moving Forward

Over the past several years, our strategic Five-Point Plan has guided Air Products’ success. Our journey is never complete, and so we have taken the Five-Point Plan to the next phase to shape our growth in the coming years. This evolved Five-Point Plan is our roadmap for driving safety, inclusion, profitability and sustainability as we grow.

Our Five-Point Plan consists of the following elements:


Our goal has not changed. We want to be the safest, most diverse and most profitable industrial gas company in the world, providing excellent service to our customers. To sustain this lead, we will keep our ultimate focus on safety—every incident or accident is preventable, and our goal is zero. We also want to be best-in-class operationally in everything that we do and will continue to drive productivity to maintain our margins.

We expect to commit more than $18 billion of capital between FY2018 and FY2022, funded by our strong cash flow and ample borrowing capacity. We are committed to managing our debt balance to maintain our current targeted A/A2 rating.
We will continue to invest in our merchant business where we see good opportunities. Meanwhile, we are evolving our portfolio to more large, on-site projects, and we are creating step change growth opportunities through syngas/gasification and complex megaproject execution.
We are continuing to drive our culture change, building a team that works together and wins together. This remains a strong focus for us—creating an environment where people feel included and respected, so they can give their best effort. We must continue to improve our “4S” culture of safety, simplicity, speed and self-confidence. Having a committed, diverse and motivated team that brings positive attitudes, open minds, and a collaborative spirit to every task is key.

As we work hard every day to create value for our shareholders, we are also fulfilling our higher purpose—creating a work environment where people belong and matter, producing products that improve the environment and our customers’ processes, and promoting collaboration among people of different cultures and backgrounds all over the world. At Air Products, we want to do more than just make money; we want to bring talented people together to innovate solutions for the challenges that face us, our customers, and our world.