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The top piece of grinding mill with lid in top left corner

PolarFit® Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill

A cost-effective way to achieve ultra-fine particles

Our PolarFit® ultra-fine grinding mill is a versatile grinding system that provides a cost-effective way to reduce hard to grind materials to smaller particle sizes than can be achieved with conventional impact mills.

It uses the power of liquid nitrogen to remove heat produced in the grinding process by controlling the temperature of your product or the mill.

The mill generates consistent yields of particles at the required mesh. In some cases, it can produce particles as small as 10 microns.

The mill is ideal for cryogenic size reduction of a wide range of materials.

How Can Air Products' Ultra Fine Grinding Mill Help with Hard to Grind Materials?​

Size Reduction Mechanisms

Impact, attrition and particle–particle collision to achieve much smaller particle sizes than other mills

Easily Adjustable Grinding Gap

Produces particle sizes from ultrafine to coarse, eliminates the need for other grinding equipment improving efficiency


与其他研磨机相比,该研磨机的氮产比更低,实现了细磨效果 ​

Turnkey Skid-Mounted Cryogenic System

Individual system components are also available



Ease of Use

Mill has easily adjustable grinding gap for flexibility in particle size