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Air Products Smart Technology

Industry 4.0 transformation has enabled manufacturers to be connected to their equipment like never before. A system that accurately collects data is critical, but to take your operations to the next level, you need to understand the data in a meaningful way so that you can take action.  

Air Products Smart Technology uses diagnostic sensor and wireless communications technology to monitor and control operations, track key process parameters, and advise on process optimization based on predictive analytics. Based on decades of experience with processes and equipment that use industrial gases, Air Products understands your operations.

Enter the World of Smart Technology to Optimize Your Operation

Air Products Smart Technology is an integrated service that allows you to control and monitor your operation anytime, anywhere.
The smart platform provides valuable insight into your operation, enabling you to make decisions based on real data
and optimize processes based on efficiency trends.

Graphic illustrating benefits of Air Products Smart Technology: Monitoring | Reporting | Advising

A Turnkey Solution Backed by Application Experts

 Our Smart Technology solutions can be customized to your unique requirements and offer you the level of support needed to achieve your KPIs.


Continuous monitoring with real-time alerts


Data collection on a single platform to provide confidentially and data security


Data available to key stakeholders from any location


User friendly dashboard for 'at-a-glance' data delivery

Data and Analysis

Ability to spot trends in datasets for further analysis


Configurable maintenance alerts for optimal operation

How Air Products Smart Technology Works

Diagram of Air Products Smart Technology process

Real Benefits for Real Customers


For a farm with a short harvesting season, avoiding a gas runout is critical. When an Air Products customer who owns a berry farm realized telemetry wasn’t enough to maximize their operations, they turned to us for a solution. With Air Products Smart Technology capabilities, such as tank monitoring, their team can now monitor real-time nitrogen use so they know when a refill is needed. With real-time monitoring, customers no longer have to guess when a refill is needed, enabling them to avoid future supply runouts.


With storage space at a premium for an Air Products aerospace customer, they stored equipment wherever they found room. This resulted in delivery issues, as drivers were unable to deliver industrial gas to fill their tanks due to blockages, causing product runouts. By installing Air Products Smart Technology, the customer was alerted before a delivery so they could clear the area prior to the driver’s arrival. Additionally, push notifications alert the customer when they are nearing a runout, which helps the team stop or slow gas use to prevent emptying their tanks before delivery. 

Aluminum Recycling

A metal recycling company was experiencing variability in their remelting process, and operator skill and experience levels. This resulted in longer cycle times, reduced energy efficiency, and increased metal losses. The company partnered with Air Products to implement our Rotary Process Advisor system, a Smart Technology that, in conjunction with sensors and analytics, creates a digital twin model of the melting process. Using this technology, the company has experienced less process variability, in addition to significant benefits in productivity and yield, energy savings, and reduced carbon emissions.


At an annealing shop, maintaining a proper furnace atmosphere is critical to surface quality of the steel. The ratio of hydrogen to water determines whether the atmosphere is oxidizing or reducing to the steel at different furnace temperatures. Prior to implementing Air Products Smart Technology, a shop kept its hydrogen / nitrogen atmosphere ratio as a constant. After introducing dew point and hydrogen concentration monitoring, they were able to gain live insights into the furnace atmosphere and adjust the flow of hydrogen during operations, while still maintaining product quality. This allowed the shop to use less hydrogen overall, saving 30% in their industrial gas costs.

Start optimizing your process today with Air Products Smart Technology.

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