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| Shanghai, China

Air Products Launches New Freshline® EAF Tunnel Freezer for Food Industry in China

A Simple, Efficient and Cost-effective Solution with Outstanding Freezing Performance to Meet Increasing Demand for Fresher and Safer Food in the Country

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Air Products (NYSE: APD), a leader in cryogenic food freezing technology, today unveils the new Freshline® EAF tunnel freezer, the latest addition to its Freshline® solutions portfolio, at the company’s 2019 food freezing technology seminar in Shanghai, China. 

Named to characterize “Easy And Fresh”, the new Freshline EAF tunnel freezer is the company’s latest innovation with state-of-the art design and manufacturing technology to deliver outstanding freezing performance to produce high quality frozen food. The freezer is equipped with a user-friendly operating system and incorporates the latest international hygiene and safety standards to meet the increasing demand for fresher and safer food in the country. This innovative freezer allows simpler operation and troubleshooting with its touch screen interface, and easier cleaning and maintenance with its vertically-opened system design. It is suitable for different food processing applications, including standard freezing, crust freezing, IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) freezing, and chilling for a wide range of food products. 

“The improved living standard and people’s increasing focus on food safety have generated significant demand for fresher and safer food, particularly in China and the rest of Asia with its huge population and rising income,” said Brandon Fu, vice president, Asia Strategy, Marketing and Technology at Air Products. “With its cryogenic features, liquid nitrogen enables food processors to perform simpler and more efficient freezing and chilling with lower operating cost and better product quality. Our innovative Freshline EAF tunnel freezer is an ideal option for freezing different kinds of food products with better freshness and taste, helping food processors meet the burgeoning demand in the region.”

At the seminar entitled “Unveil the Magic of Liquid Nitrogen”, Air Products also highlights the company’s integrated Freshline solutions, including its complete range of cryogenic freezers, Liquid Nitrogen Injection Solution (LIN-IS), and Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP) applications. The company’s food scientists are on-site to address some of the toughest challenges that food processors are facing in China. 

Air Products has been supplying the food industry with gases, equipment and technology for over 50 years. The company has Freshline solutions for every type of customer, from large manufacturers with multiple product lines to small food processors with a niche product and every operation in between. Air Products recently upgraded the Food Laboratory of its Asia Technology Center in Shanghai, China to serve customers around the Asia region. The company’s food scientists use commercial-scale equipment in the laboratory to test the feasibility of cryogenic freezing on customers’ food products.

For more information about Air Products’ complete portfolio of Freshline solutions for the food industry, call 400-888-7662 (China only), or visit www.airproducts.com.cn/Microsites/freshline-solutions-cn.aspx

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