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Helping Aluminum Producers Optimize Production and Economics

Light Metal Age’s Ann Marie Fellom sat down with Air Products’ Russell Hewertson at the ALUMINIUM USA trade show in Detroit, Michigan, as part of the magazine’s interview series with notable members of the aluminum industry.

In his interview, the Americas Commercial Technology Manager at Air Products discussed the importance of close collaboration with aluminum producers to help them optimize their operation through our expertise, gases and technologies.  
Below are brief video excerpts from the interview that answer some frequently asked questions. Click on a question to view the answer.

What gases are sold to the aluminum industry and how are they used? (0:29)

How do you work with customers to help them get better results in their rotary and reverb melting processes? (1:24)

Can you give me a specific example of how you worked with a customer to increase their production? (0:51)

How have you helped automotive sheet producers? (0:24)

How can aluminum extruders use nitrogen to improve speed, quality and die life? (1:00)

How can you help with extrusion equipment design to allow effective use of nitrogen? (1:34)

What other ways have you helped extruders improve their processes? (1:05)

What differentiates Air Products from other suppliers? (0:34)

(Click on one of the questions above to hear the answer in this video player.)

To view the complete interview, as well as other interviews in Light Metal Age’s ALUMINIUM USA video series, visit the magazine’s web site.