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| Shanghai, China

Air Products Sponsors FCVC 2019 in China to Support the Emerging Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Industry

Air Products (NYSE: APD), a global leading hydrogen supplier and a leader in hydrogen fueling and infrastructure worldwide, today announced its participation in the 4th International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress (FCVC) 2019, which takes place from September 26-28 in Rugao, China. As one of the key sponsors, Air Products will exhibit at the main congress and speak at the two forums, sharing its vision and leading global expertise in supporting the emerging hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry. 

Jointly organized by International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association (IHFCA) and the Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE-China), FCVC is a premier annual international summit to connect hydrogen fuel cell technology developers, fuel cell vehicle automakers, investors and policy makers from different countries and regions to accelerate fuel cell vehicle commercialization.   

At the FCVC exhibition, Air Products will showcase its total solution for hydrogen energy infrastructure, including hydrogen production, liquefication, storage, transportation, and its proprietary SmartFuel® fueling technology systems and related infrastructure.  

“Air Products has been actively involved in driving clean energy in China and supporting the Government’s vision for a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system,” said Frank Yu, vice president–Eastern China at Air Products. “By fully leveraging our innovative technologies, comprehensive offerings, global experience, local leading supply capabilities, and proven safety performance, we will continue to work with customers and partners to drive the commercialization of hydrogen as green fuel for a sustainable future in China.” 

Air Products’ hydrogen experts will also join the event and share the company’s global expertise. Ed Kiczek, global director of Hydrogen Energy Systems at Air Products, will speak at the main forum with more than 1500 attendees about the company’s vision on hydrogen energy and its engagement in the global hydrogen energy infrastructure to support fuel cell vehicle development. Edward Heydorn, business development manager of Hydrogen Energy at Air Products, also will talk at a sub-forum about the company’s vast experience in hydrogen fueling for transportation markets worldwide. 

“Hydrogen as a clean energy holds great promise globally,” said Ed Kiczek. “We have been joining hands with governments and customers worldwide to develop the industry through our unmatched capabilities in hydrogen supply and fueling infrastructure. We are very pleased to leverage our global expertise to support this emerging market in China.”

Air Products has more than 60 years of hydrogen experience and an extensive patent portfolio with over 50 patents in hydrogen dispensing technology. The company has been involved in more than 250 hydrogen fueling projects in over 20 countries worldwide. Its SmartFuel® hydrogen fueling technology has been adopted in the SAE's (Society of Automotive Engineers) hydrogen fueling protocol and practiced worldwide. The company has joined the Hydrogen Council, a global CEO coalition for hydrogen technologies, as a steering member.

In China, Air Products has participated in several hydrogen demonstration projects, including the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Asian Games, and 2011 Shenzhen Universiade, to drive the use of this clean energy. The company also has been involved in several pilot hydrogen fueling station projects, including China Energy Investment Corporation Limited’s first hydrogen fueling station, China’s first commercial-scale liquid hydrogen-based fueling station, and Shandong Province’s first stationary hydrogen fueling station with both 35Mpa and 70Mpa fueling. As the vice chairman company of China Hydrogen Alliance, International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association and Yangtze River Delta Hydrogen Technology Alliance, Air Products has been supporting the hydrogen energy blueprint outlined in the country’s 13th Five-Year Plan and future plans.


About Air Products
Air Products (NYSE:APD) is a world-leading Industrial Gases company in operation for over 75 years. The Company provides industrial gases and related equipment to dozens of industries, including refining, chemical, metals, electronics, manufacturing, and food and beverage. Air Products is also the world’s leading supplier of liquefied natural gas process technology and equipment.  

The Company had fiscal 2018 sales of $8.9 billion from operations in 50 countries and has a current market capitalization of about $50 billion. Approximately 16,000 passionate, talented and committed employees from diverse backgrounds are driven by Air Products’ higher purpose to create innovative solutions that benefit the environment, enhance sustainability and address the challenges facing customers, communities, and the world. For more information, visit www.airproducts.com.

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