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Oil refinery at twilight

Engineered-to-Order Systems 

Air Products Membrane Solutions offers Engineered-to-Order membrane systems for high flow industrial applications. Ideal for the oil and gas industry, ammonia plants, chemical manufacturing facilities, and oil refineries, these fully customized systems are the result of collaborating with end-users, licensors, and EPC firms.



Large N2 Systems
Skid-mounted or containerized membrane banks and filtration with required instrumentation and control systems.
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Refinery Membrane Systems
From refinery off-gas streams to the purge-gas recycle, efficient and economical operation throughout the oil refining process. 
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Chemical Processing Membrane Systems
Selective permeation recovers and purifies valuable hydrogen or rejects inert byproducts from high-pressure process gas streams.
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Ammonia Synthesis Plants
Increases the efficiency of ammonia plants by recovering hydrogen from purge gas streams and returning it to the synthesis loop. 
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Health checks

Global Services & Support

Our dedicated team of experts keeps your membrane system in exceptional operating condition year after year. Global Service and Support uses a combination of Health Checks, service, genuine Air Products replacement parts, and regular maintenance to make sure that your system operates without interruption—and at peak performance.
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Interested in Membrane Solutions

Our expert engineers can help you design, engineer, and build the optimal membrane separation system for your application.

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